Antique chairs with beautiful needle point upholstery (2 chairs & 2 stools)


The two antique chairs and stools sell as a unit.  The handcrafted needle point are part of the Canterbury Tales.  They compliment each other.  The chairs cost $350 each before the 5 years of needle point work was applied to the frames.  The two chairs and stools are truly unique.

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Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales

When you purchase the two antique needle point chairs you will receive two chairs and two foot stool plus a pamphlet about Chaucer.   Most importantly Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is beautifully needle pointed into the fabric of the chairs.  While the stool has a picture of Chaucer riding his mule back to Canterbury the two chairs have the complete tale.  The item is price as a pair including the stool.  Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales in the 1650 to 1670 era.  More importantly Chaucer was the kings official poet.

About needle point and construction.

Because the needle point on the two antique chairs and stools is handcrafted by a professional, you will not find better quality workmanship.  The needle point was 5 years in the making.  Besides all that you will never need to recover these antique chairs as the fabric is very heavy duty.  The chairs and stool sell as a unit.


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